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Persian Gulf Steel Profile Company was established and operated in Sezzai Industrial Town in Isfahan province in 2017 to produce all kinds of steel pipes and profiles with a capacity of 40,000 tons per year. The management of this factory by using advanced equipment, experienced engineering and technical staff, as well as supplying high-quality raw materials from companies such as Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel and other reputable domestic and foreign manufacturers in line with the market development strategy and increasing the variety of products, to meet the needs Expensive customers and artisans, as well as penetration into export markets, have started their detailed planning for investment to improve the quality and quantity of products, and now the result of the efforts and detailed planning of the management of this company is to achieve a capacity of 800,000 tons. In the year, there are different types of steel sections in different sizes. Now the products of this company are widely used in various industries of the country, such as household appliances, agriculture, automotive, construction, and office and sports industries.


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Quality control and ensuring the quality of products requires advanced laboratory facilities to test the manufactured products in terms of mechanical and chemical properties.



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